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gua sha stone

You’ve probably perused online or at a store, and seen several versions of a gua sha stone — all different shapes, sizes, and colors. You’ve probably wondered, “What is this weird little thing?” You’ve also probably thought about all the serums and face oils you own and wondered how else this little tool could help. You’ve already read up on plenty of things that breakdown the different kinds of face acids there are or why facials are important, and are just tired of reading. Well, keep reading. You’ll find out below why gua sha stones are a powerful tool you should buy.

The gua sha stone is a tool with origins tracing back to East Asian and Chinese medicine. Gua means “scrape” and sha means “sand,” according to Good Housekeeping. A board-certified dermatologist in North Carolina states that this little tool works to relax muscles and promote tissue drainage (that’s a good thing) wherever it is being applied. Normally, gua sha stones can be found in two primary materials: jade and rose quartz. Fashion Magazine claims that each color (and it’s not limited to just jade and rose quartz) applies a different healing mechanism to the body and area that is being massaged. So now that you know what it is, let’s talk about what each stone does.

#1 – Face Gua Sha Stone

This shape is probably the most common one you have seen in stores and on Amazon. This stone is a great “starter” stone if you’re looking to dip your feet into gua shas as a skincare tool. What is it good for? It is primarily used on the face for massaging, contouring, helping to minimize lines and de-puffing certain areas.

#2 – Eye Gua Sha Stones

Photo Credit: Esmee Beauty and Lifestyle Store / Amazon

Not that they can’t be used on the rest of the face, but these little guys can work wonders under your eyes. What do they help with? They can assist in minimizing the puffiness under the eyes, brightening and soothing the skin, and contouring the cheekbone.

#3 – Body Gua Sha Stone

Photo Credit: Esmee Beauty and Lifestyle Store / Amazon

Perhaps the least funky of the shapes, this one is great for your overall body. You can use it to help soothe your muscles and apply light pressure to tense areas.

Wait, but how should you use it?

Up and away! Check out the video below to see how to use a gua sha stone (it’s easy, promise).

Video tutorial by Abigail James

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