Why i love my clue period tracker app

In an effort to further understand my period and my cycle, I decided to “shop” around for a new period calendar. I wanted one that would give me as much information as my mind and heart desired. That and the period calendar that I had been using since the dawn of time, was failing me. I’ve always known that there is a margin of error each cycle (i.e. the days your period is early by and late by), but for my tracker to be off by 11 days is a bit too much anxiety, even for me. At that point, you start to wonder what is wrong with you and all the other lovely thoughts that come with being late. But that’s when I happened upon Clue. Clue is a tracker, run by some awesome #bosschicas, that uses science to help you get the most accurate reading on your cycle.

Clue takes three cycles to get to know you. So, it basically takes three “dates” for each of you to get to know each other — like really know each other. And the more you tell it during your bleeding days and non-bleeding days, the smarter it becomes. So the more data it receives, the more it can tell you about yourself.

Let’s use me as an example. After my three tracked cycles, my analysis told me that my cycle variation is about three days. So from one cycle to the next, there is a “margin of error” of about three days. Then the app goes into the science of this and lets me know that I am within the normal range for my age group (phew).

And that’s just some of what you can find on the free version. Once you’ve reached the three cycles, the tracker even offers you extra information on your most common symptoms. But to unlock those, you need to opt for the Clue Plus paid version. Below that, you get your complete cycle history down. With Clue Plus, you also get access to even more science that will help you further understand period science and how it affects your body (which is always a plus, if you ask me).

Wishing you peace, love and lots of cookies,

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