Why it’s important to get regular facials with an esthetician (post pandemic)

I am the first person to say that I hate extraction facials. In the past, they have been extremely painful, often leaving me like I was fighting for my life (pinched, swollen and red). Throughout the years, I’ve been to several estheticians and have left each session thinking that it would be the last time I have a facial done. There’s the misconception that if you drink enough water, are religious about your skincare routine and eat right, that you never have to go in for one. Although these things are highly important, your skin needs the extra little TLC from someone who knows the ins-and-outs of skin (you wouldn’t call the plumber to help you with electrical work, now would you?).

At the beginning of 2020, one of the goals I set for myself was to care more for my skin, primarily being religious about getting facials and the type of products I use. So when I found an esthetician that not only left my face looking glowier than it has ever been, but also explains everything to me in great detail, I knew I had found “my lady” (and we all know how important that is). I already knew more-or-less what my congested areas were, but she clued me in on other areas that I wasn’t all to aware of. If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you how rabid I am about skincare and learning more about it, so to find out something new about my own skin was fascinating to me. Another good thing about having a skincare lady is that they can help you find a way to treat more advanced skincare issues like cystic acne and the like.

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

Coco Chanel

At my first facial with “my face lady,” she asked me the regular prelim questions (what do you use, when was your last facial, etc.) and then we got ready for the facial. Mi gente, I cannot express the importance of knowing what is going on during your facial — so ask, ask, ask. Know what they are putting on your face, why they are putting it on your face and what’s in the stuff that’s going on your moneymaker. This is actually something my esthetician and I discussed: how many of her clients didn’t know what has been put on their faces in previous facials nor what’s in their products. Blind trust is a no-no here.

Back to the face. Extractions hurt. More in some areas than in others, but they hurt nonetheless. What happens when you get religious about your facials? Well, for starters, way less extractions. Why is this important? That means that there is way less gunk stuck in your pores. When you think about it, that’s obvious. But what you’re probably not thinking about is how all the products you use will go that much further when your pores are clean and clear. When your skin is clean, you allow for it to breathe and when your skin is breathing properly, it soaks in all the goodness you have to give it. And who doesn’t want more goodness seeping into their face? I know I do.

Facials have many benefits to the face, and aren’t something you should overlook because of the initial pain factor. My pro tip would be to schedule your facial around a time that you aren’t on your menses so that your face is more sensitive than it would normally be. Another good thing about facials is that your skin gets the added benefits of medical grade skincare (more times than not) infusing your skin with a strong boost from products that you wouldn’t normally find over-the-counter. All-in-all, there are tons of benefits to getting facials regularly, many of which will reflect on your face years down the road.

Wishing you peace, love and lots of cookies,

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