Favorite Things: books you need to read

I love to read. That statement alone feels like an understatement because of how much I truly love reading. When I get a new book or walk into a bookstore (or the book section of a store), there is a total feeling of utter euphoria that takes hold of my little body. That “new book smell” (or just the book smell in general) makes me feel some type of way. When I find a good book, it has the power to captivate me and hold my focus until the wee hours of the morning (I once started reading a book at 3 pm on a Saturday and finished it at 7 am on a Sunday). To say that I am a certified bookworm es decir poco, in all honesty. Below are some of my favorite books that I’ve read lately that I believe are worth picking up and getting lost in.

Death In The Family by Tessa Wegert

This book is wild, to say the least. From the very first page, Tessa throws you head first into the life of Shana and just keeps you bound to it in a way few books can. Tessa is clearly in the driver’s seat having a ball making a mess out of you as you hold tightly to the handlebar that our mamá holds onto when we drive. There are twists, head-scratchers and moments of serious WTF. Then there’s Bram. Needless to say, I cannot wait until the second book in the series drops December 2020.

Buy it here.

The Woman in The Mirror by Rebecca James

Photo Credit: Amazon / Rebecca James

I’m a huge baby when it comes to anything with ghosts or haunting, so this book took me by surprise. IMO, Rebecca does a great job at building up the two timelines of its leading women — one of which has a more tragic end. This was another book that I really couldn’t put down because I kept wanting to know what was just around the river bend (sorry, couldn’t help myself with the Pocahontas reference, there isn’t a river).

Buy it here.

Circe by Madeline Miller

From the moment I first saw its cover, I knew that I had to read Circe. It combines my love of history and fantasy that I always crave in a book. This book comes highly recommended by tons of publications (and even Gwyneth Paltrow), and with good reason. Circe takes a deep dive into the life of the infamous nymph who won over the brave Odysseus and shows us how the powerful sorcerous came to be such a #bosschica.

Buy it here.

The Burning by Jane Casey

So I have a thing for true crime, and The Burning scratches that itch. Well. Jane paints an incredible picture of the life of detective constable (she’s in the UK) Maeve Kerrigan. This is another one that really just wowed me. Maeve isn’t cookie cutter and we get to see her in all her glory as she works against the clock to catch a serial-killer.

Buy it here.

Wishing you peace, love and lots of cookies,

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