Food News: Bell’Agio Rosso Dolce — the sparkling wine you didn’t know you needed

It’s the start of something deliciously new…

Bell'Agio Rosso Dolce

The 411

Last week Bell’Agio announced the debut of its “Belles” campaign with a national kick-off event hosted by Miami’s own Norma Now at The Basement in Miami Beach to celebrate the launch of it’s subtly sweet and seductive Bell’Agio Rosso Dolce sparkling wine.

As the ladies who put the “Belle” in Bell’Agio, Norma Now, along with Erica G from Tampa and Ashley Outrageous from New York City, partied the night away as guests enjoyed being one of the first to try the new Bell’Agio Rosso Dolce (which comes in a crazy, cool looking wine bottle with a twist top — bye-bye broken corks!).

The Bell’Agio Belles program will continue to take over the party scene over the next few months as Erica G, Ashley Outrageous, and Norma Now turn up in their respective cities.

Along with the Belles, certified Advanced Sommelier Sarah Brownell attended the Miami event, bringing her seasoned palate, wine expertise and knowledge of the trendy wine scene of southern Florida. (FYI: a sommelier is someone whose life’s work is to know everything there is to know about wine. Unlike the rest of us, they can tell what grape was used in a wine with the first sip. #SKILLZ)

Why is Brownell such a #GIRLBOSS? Well, she was the former sommelier & wine director of Emeril’s Miami Beach at the ever fabulous Lowes Hotel, wine director for Miami’s Barton G Restaurant Corporation, and at the Miami Culinary Institute/Tuyo Restaurant.

Brownell unveiled five signature Bell’Agio cocktails for guests to enjoy at the event, each representing the unique flavors of the rosso dolce and the “Belles” who enjoy it, including: Bell’Rose (she’s sophisticated), Bell’Berry (she’s sweet), Bell’Twist (she keeps you on your toes), The HighBell’ (she’s strong) and Bell’Mosa (she’s chic).

About Bell’Agio Rosso Dolce

Bell’Agio Rosso Dolce | Provided by Bell’Agio

Bell’Agio Rosso Dolce comes from two Lambrusco grade varietals – Salamino and Grasparossa. For those of you that don’t know what a varietal is, it is the vine family that the grape comes from — so think of Lambrusco as the last name (sorta, kinda, maybe?).

Lambrusco’s crispy, slightly sweet and sparkling character gives Bell’Agio its vibrant and seductive taste.

Deep red with violent hints, Bell’Agio has a fresh bouquet with hints of red fruits, especially raspberry and blackberry. Full-bodied with a pleasant, sweet note, Bell’Agio is well-balanced with some acidity and natural sparkling note.

Bell’Agio pairs well with spicy foods, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, aged cheeses, and is superb with pastries. #KnowledgeIsPower

It is available currently in 15 markets nationwide.

Final Thoughts

Looking to get you Bell’Agio Rosso Dolce fix? Here are four different locations (that I found in Miami with the power of my dear friend Google) where you can buy a bottle (or two. Heck, go for three and invite your besties over and have a girls night).

Wanna party it up with the Belles? Visit and follow them via @DrinkBellAgio on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Already got a bottle? Snap a pic and upload it using the hashtag #BeaBelle.

Oh. ALWAYS remember to drink responsibly.

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