Food Review: Tamara’s Bistro at the National Hotel Miami Beach

Tamara’s Bistro is getting a revamp that will provide guests with a delicious tour of France all from your seat at the National Hotel in Miami Beach.

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The 411

Executive Chef Pierre Sudre (he’s a culinary mastermind, really) is making quite a splash down on Collins Avenue by developing dishes that cater to his culinary background. Over the course of his career, he has been able to marry his European techniques with Asian styles of cooking and then blending that with Caribbean influences (pardon the pun, but a ménage à trois of cooking styles if you will).

So, what does that mean for Tamara’s Bistro? So. Much. Goodness.

What are some of the #nomnoms that you can expect to see on the restaurant’s new menu? Croque Monsieur, Saumon “Sur La Planche”, Poire belle Hélène, a Penne Bar and many other authentic French dishes as well as several dishes that draw upon his Caribbean influences.

Okay… enough talk. Now for the food.

What I Had

Some Additional Info

Tamara’s Bistro is located at 1677 Collins Ave, Miami Beach at The National Hotel and is open daily for breakfast (buffet or a la carte), lunch, and dinner. To make a reservation, call 305-532-2311

Don’t forget to show them some love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@NationalMiami).

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that there are so many things that I loved about this menu, but my stand out dish was the Salmon Tartare (I could eat that for DAYS). If you’re in the mood for authentic French cuisine, then you are in for a serious treat. There isn’t a single thing that I wouldn’t recommend trying (unless you’re allergic, then I’d suggest you stay away from that).

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