Food Event: A Burrito On A Mission

Calling all my Chipotle Lovers and Guac aficionados! Chipotle needs you to lend them your stomachs on April 22 for a good cause.

The Lowdown:

This Wednesday is Earth Day and all the Chipotle Mexican Grill‘s in southeast Florida (sorry west coast) will be coming together to raise $10,000.

What for you ask? Well, they are partnering with Florida-based Localecopia to celebrate Earth Day.

Pulled from Chipotle Mexican Grill Instagram
Pulled from Chipotle Mexican Grill Instagram

Who Is Localecopia and why should you care?

Localecopia is a non-profit organization whose focus is on bringing together the community with the goal “of lessening our carbon footprint by supporting local product consumption and helping individuals achieve sustainable business practices.

Their end goal is to make the place we live in better… how can you NOT get behind people who do that?

Pulled from Localecopia Facebook
Pulled from Localecopia Facebook

What Do You Need To Do:

Buy a taco. Buy a burrito. Treat yourself with some extra guac.

Stop by your local Chipotle this Wednesday from noon to 8 PM and you and your tummy can help make a difference in your local community.

Final Thoughts:

Rest assured that you will find me at Chipotle this Wednesday munching on some tacos.

If you happen to find yourself at a Chipotle ordering yourself a burrito and treating yourself to an extra dose of creamy guac, don’t forget to tweet and instagram your order using the hashtags #eatforchange and #causeaneffect.

Happy Eats!



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