#PricelessMiami: South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Two weeks ago I was tweeted by MasterCard (globally accepted everywhere, btw) asking me to DM them about a #PricelessSurprise. I, of course, obliged.

Boy, am I happy I did.

Thanks to the VERY lovely folks at MasterCard, I and my plus one (Natalie of GrownUPish and In the Spirit of A Stiletto), were able to attend the Chef Kick Off Event last Thursday night from 11 P.M. to 2 A.M.

MasterCard Logo
MasterCard Logo

How was I chosen? Because I happened to tweet my lunch that day — which was sushi (my day two, after pizza who is my day one).

To say that I was the epitome of a fan-girl that night is a HUGE understatement. I was in the presence of some of Miami’s hottest chefs: chef Michelle Bernstein of Michy’s Miami and Seagrape; Eileen Andrade of Finka Table & Tap; and chef Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House just to name a few.

The Highlights

Pic with chef Marc Murphy
Pic with chef Marc Murphy
Pic with chef Anne Burrell
Pic with chef Anne Burrell
Dessert table
Apart from having an INTENSE charcuterie spread, the Thompson Hotel was serving up these bad boys.

Final Verdict

It was an awesome event and I am ever so grateful to the folks at MasterCard for extending me the #PricelessSurprise. Cheers to being a card holder!

Happy Eats!



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