Food Review: Waffle Burgers and Mexican Soda

Last November I was celebrating my 20-something-ith birthday and my dear friend, The Intern, wanted to wine and dine me on the condition that I wrote about our dinner. I mean, how could I resist. 

So my resto of choice? Kush Wynwood (powered by the good folks of Lokal). As to be expected, there was a good amount of people already dining there when The Intern and I showed up, so we were given a number and asked to wait at a little place they called The/La Botanica two doors down.

Side note: The/La Botanica is a self-serve beer place where you can sit and wait for the peeps at Kush to call you over.

The Decor

Everything here just seems to work. From the “Saved By The Bell” bathroom door art to the painted R2-D2 & C-3PO on a Nintendo game canvas.

It. Just. Works.

The wall art in the bathroom was pretty cool, too.

What I Had

On the rare occasions that you come across the ANY kind of soda from overseas — take it. You won’t regret it.

Mexican Sprite

The Intern and I started off with the gator bites since she’d never had gator before (cue the UF jokes).

Tip: dip your chunk in either the spicy mayo or garlic sauce and then dab your chunk on the seasoning on the plate. You’re welcome.

Florida Alligator Bites

Words cannot express how much I love this. Along with my sweet potato fries — I was in food heaven.

Tip: don’t put it down after you start eating it. You’ll have to fork and knife it if you do. Don’t forget to use the syrup. Heavily.

Kush & Hash Burger

Final Verdict

Will be back. Loved everything about this spot. I’m looking at you Frita burger.


If you get lonely in the bathroom…

Mr. Bean

Happy Eats.



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