Food Review: Amor a la Mexicana… or Mexicano.

For months I had been hearing that the guacamole at Rosa Mexicano is the bees freaking knees. The way people depicted it made it seem heaven sent from the avocado gods. With all the talk, how could I NOT go and check it out. I should probably note that I am not the biggest guacamole lover (but in no way am I a hater).

On this specific outing, I was with Nat the Cat of “In the Spirit of the Stiletto” and “GrownUPish.”

Initial Impression: Whoa. For me, the moment I walk into any restaurant, I ALWAYS look at everything. And I loved it. The host was very friendly and they even have a “Drop Your Business Card” vase which enters you in the drawing for a free lunch for dos. Of course I obliged — I  mean, HOW can you say no to free food?

The Ambiance: Like I said — pretty.

What We Had:

La Salsa

Rosa Mexicano Salsa Dip & Chips
Rosa Mexicano Salsa Dip & Chips

The Margarita [Nat the Cat had this. And it was good and strong. Still don’t know what it was.]

Rosa Mexicano Margarita
Rosa Mexicano Margarita

White Wine Sangria [I had this. Not one for sangria but I was in the mood for something light with my fish tacos.]

Rosa Mexicano Sangria
Rosa Mexicano Sangria

The Guac [The server makes this at your table giving you the chance to see it made up close and personal. VERY cool. What I loved about the guac was the little kick it has at the end. It was so good, I disregarded the fact that it has onions. I hate onions.]

Tacos de Mahi Mahi [This is what I had. The tacos were on point and I love corn.]

Carnitas/Pork Tacos [Nat the Cat had this. I recommend the beans.]

Final Verdict: YES. YES. YES. #RespectTheGuac



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