Food Review: Summer Love on a Moscow Mule

Interesting name for a post, right? Definitely an attention grabber. Well, give it up to the masterminds behind Finka Table and Tap in West Kendall (in an area which I didn’t know even belonged to Kendall). I ventured to this gastropub hotspot by request of my dear friend Rose (not her name). Blanche (also, not her name) was also there, too.

Initial Impression: Upon walking up to the establishment, you are greeted by a “bull couch” with seating for one. It’s a great picture taking spot, which I of course indulged in. Once you walk in, you find yourself immersed in everything you hoped the decor would be and MUCH more. The bar is on the right and it’s filled with so many knickknacks that you could easily get lost in your awe-inspired curiosity. Once you break away from the trance caused by the bar, your senses are filled with delicious smells and even more attention grabbing decor. Seriously, I could spend the day there and be content just looking at everything.

Rose, Blanche, and I were seated and immediately greeted by our server. We weren’t sure of what drinks we were looking to try and he was awesome enough to help us narrow down our choices. We all naturally went with his recommendations and we really happy with the choices.

What We Had:

The Drinks: Summer Love (Rose and Blanche) & Moscow Mule (yours truly)

Kimchee Shoestring Fries / Vaca Frita / Pico /Spicy Mayo / Queso Blanco

Kimchee Shoestring Fries
Kimchee Shoestring Fries

Mac n 3 Cheese / Carne Asada / Bacon / Chives [Rose and Blanche each had one of these]

Mac n 3 Cheese
Mac n 3 Cheese

Manchego Cheese / Chorizo / Peruvian Olives/ Fried Egg [This was my indulgence]

Manchego Cheese Pizza
Manchego Cheese Pizza

Ice Cream Cookie goodness [This wasn’t on the menu, but when you ask for dessert, the waiter recites it]

Ice Cream Cookie Combo
Ice Cream Cookie Combo

Final Verdict: I will definitely be coming back — this place has the right amount of oomph and delicious food that has kept me thinking about it. Everything was delicious: personally, I would’ve liked my fried egg to be a little runny so that I could mix it with the pizza. The serve is on point — we kept receiving water refills long after we had paid our tab.

Thinking of going? Let me know!



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