Food Review: BRGR’s that ROK

So lately, I have had a SERIOUS craving for burgers  and wanted to treat Brother to something other than the home BBQ burgers he’s use to ( I was feeling particularly generous and didn’t want to eat alone). I reached out to the one-and-only Burger Beast for some yummy suggestions.

Burger Beast, being the cool dude he is, sent over his list of Top 25 Burgers in Miami & South Florida and I decided to indulge. First one knocked off the list? ROK:BRGR in South Miami.

Initial Impression: You can smell the burger goodness all the way from RA Sushi down the street. As you walk toward the restaurant — the smell basically pulling you there — you’re welcomed by a very friendly seating host at the entrance.  It was a nice day, so Brother and I decided to sit outside at a couch/chair table. Seating is quite comfy and spacious, but I can’t speak for seating inside.

What We Ate: Upon being seated, you are handed the menu; which is full of a delicious array of options. Almost bought everything on there, but I didn’t because my bank account isn’t built like that — nor is my stomach. So of the things that stood out? The mac ‘n’ cheese bar; the burgers (obviously); and the ‘Fries and Rings.’

The Somi BRGR: Creamy Brie Cheese and Fig Jam (although you’d never know by the placement of the bun). [My Choice]

ROK:BRGR Somi Burger
ROK:BRGR Somi Burger

The Sweet & Smokey BRGR: Smoked Maple Cheddar & Caramelized Onions & Bacon (and all the fixins’). [Brother’s Choice]

ROK:BRGR Sweet & Smokey Burger
ROK:BRGR Sweet & Smokey Burger

Truffle Fries [My Choice]

ROK:BRGR Truffle Fries
ROK:BRGR Truffle Fries


Final Verdict: Brother and I were beyond pleased. We both agreed that we would DEFINITELY be returning to indulge on some of their other goodies (specifically the mac ‘n’ cheese). Both burgers were perfectly cooked and the service was on point (shout out to Chelsea for being a doll!). And you can NEVER go wrong with Truffle Fries. Also, something to make note of, Mondays are “BRGR Bash Mondays” and you can find all their yummy burgers for $10 each.

Interested in going? Let me know!



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